Be Ready Memory supplements your family devotions by helping you and your family memorize the evidence for what you believe. Having sound reasoning behind your faith has never been more important. Not understanding the evidence has never been more dangerous. Children should start learning facts at age 5.

Parents can register their children individually and should help them memorize one fact per day. By registering your family, you can track your children’s progress over the months and years ahead.

  • How To Use Be Ready Memory.
  • 1.  Register and Log-in with your email address.
  • 2.  From "Available Courses" click the cover of a book or topic that interests you. It will move to your Active Courses.
  • 3.  In “Active Courses” click the book you want to learn. Questions begin to appear like flashcards.
  • 4.  If you don’t know the answer, flip the card and learn it. Then click "No". It will come back until you do know it.
  • 5.  If you know the answer before you peek click "Yes".
  • 6.  Once you have completed a course it will appear in your active file only when questions come up for review.
  • 7.  Register your children and help them learn one new fact each night with their prayers or family devotions. Don’t do too many questions at a time.
  • 7.  Please pray that this training program will help achieve God's purpose and to strengthen the Body of Christ.
  • 7.  Please register to make a small monthly donation.